About us

We are an experienced, energetic and flexible company engaged in the design and development of slot games for online internet casinos.

We focus on understanding the needs of players and casino operators. Our efforts are aimed at creating products with high added value and maximum gaming experience.

We are firmly committed to the satisfaction of our clients, so we constantly monitor new gaming trends and analyze the behavior of the players, so that we can constantly innovate. In this, we rely on a team of experts with many years of experience in the gaming industry.

Information Safety Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of any of our own data/information and that of customers in order to successfully conduct our business activities.

  1. To implement this policy, Tech4BET, s.r.o. introduced, as an integral part of management, the safety regulations according to the ISMS standard – information safety management system pursuant to ISO/IEC 27001.
  2. Information availability and integrity (no damage or amendments to information, complete information etc.), in terms of me and place, in compliance with the business needs of the company, only to those who need it to perform their work, thus maintaining information confidentiality pursuant to the specified information classification (public, internal, confidential).
  3. Management of the whole life cycle of information, i.e. its processing since its acquisition or generation until its disposal.
  4. Adoption of safety measures directly proportional to the current level of risks associated with threats to the security of information.
  5. Based on regular risk monitoring and assessment, management of safety incidents, remedial and preventive measures we will increase the efficiency of information safety management.
  6. The information safety policy is binding on all employees and interested parties.
  7. Employees are continuously educated and trained in the field of information safety.
  8. External entities are contractually bound to observe the internal regulations of Tech4Bet, s.r.o.
  9. Breaches of information safety regulations shall be classified as serious violations of the obligation arising from the legal regulations regarding the employee’s work and shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  10. Each employee and outside worker may report any inconsistencies in this policy directly to his/her manager or by email to: security@tech4bet.com

Revisions of this policy are made annually by company management; date of last revision: 26 April 2023